24 April 2018

Word Formation 1

accurate - accurately, inaccurate, in accurately, accuracy, inaccuracy - genau
benefit - beneficial - Vorteil, vorteilhaft
create - creative, creation, creativity, creator - (etwas) schaffen
suggest - suggestion, suggestive, suggestively, suggested - vorschlagen
bore - boredom, boring, boringly, bored - langweilen / Langweiler
poor - poorly (educated),  poverty
beautiful - beauty, beautifully - schön
origin - originally, unorginal, originator (Urheber)  - Ursprung, Herkunft
certify - certificate, certified - beglaubigen
communicate - communication, communicative (gesprächig), communicator (Mitteilender) - reden, kommunizieren
decide - decision, decisive, indecisive (unentschlossen), decisively - entscheiden

7 February 2018

A Healthy Lifestyle

Read the text.
Then choose the correct word from the  list and fill in the gaps.

Click here.

30 May 2017

Natural Disasters

Click on this link to get to an animated guide about Hurricanes.

Go to this site. Pick one of the Natural Disasters, read the text carefully and talk about it in your own words.

Now watch this video about natural disasters.